A Sample On Research Paper About Global Warming With 5 Stunning Facts

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Exploring the subject of global warming

Global warming is a widely studied topic in climatology. It is a term used to define the increased average temperatures on the surface of the earth. Primarily, global warming is an outcome of the activities done by human beings. It is an occurrence that has affected lives and negatively impacted the livelihood of people in the society. Owing to these effects, people from different parts of the world have come together to address this matter. Here are 5 stunning facts that make global warming such a worrying trend in the world today:

  • As a result of global warming, the Arctic ice is beginning to melt quickly. It is believed that the region will be free of ice in summers by the year 2040 or even earlier.
  • Global warming is a consequence of increased surface temperatures. This has primarily been due to increased greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. These gases are needed for the thriving of human life. However, they can cause global warming if they are over-emitted on earth.
  • Research on climate has shown that the 20th century is now on recorded to have been the hottest for over a period of 400 years.
  • Emissions of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide tend to remain in the atmosphere for a long period of time. This makes global warming hard to eliminate.
  • Global warming is responsible for the extensive change on weather patterns. This has been evident through forest fires, severe storms in the tropical region and heat waves around the world.

Essentially, global warming is widely as a result of human activities that have emitted these gases that produce these effects when over-produced.

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