An Example Of A Research Paper About Poverty In The World

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Factors contributing to increased poverty in the world

Poverty is a problem that has had a lot of weight on millions of people around the world. It is the state of not being able to afford basic wants and other necessities. Many families today are plagued by this issue and governments across the world are fighting hard to address this matter especially in the developing world. There is an increased lack among the people of the world and this is attributed to a number of factors.

Due to the fact that poverty is a global issue, world organizations have been established to challenge it. There are organizations such as the United Nations, World Food Program and World Health Organization among others that have been formed on this premise. So, what has led to this state in many parts of the world? There are quite a number of factors as will be discussed in this research paper.

Causes of poverty in the world

One of the factors that have led to poverty in the world is famine and drought. People dwelling in areas that are arid and semi-arid areas live in lack of important resources needed to back up their economic activities. Ideally, the resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of everyone and hence there is a scramble for the little that is there. With a low per capita income for each, poverty strikes in when families are not able to feed themselves.

Bad governance and corruption have also been attributed to state of poverty around the world. The most corrupt governments have created societies that are poverty-stricken. This has mainly come to existence through the inequitable distribution of resources. It is the responsibility of the federal government to build infrastructure to boost the livelihoods of the masses. If this doesn’t happen, the people continue to languish in poverty. These are some of the many causes of poverty in the world we live in today. They are however more of a social cause than a natural one.