A Sample To Help You Write A Research Paper About Climate Change

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Causes of Climate Change

Different parts of the world have different climatic conditions. The climatic conditions are usually defined by the geography of a place, the topography and vegetation cover among other natural characteristics. In an ideal situation, these conditions will continue to prevail if the natural factors are not tampered with. However, this is unlikely especially because human activities are bound to affect the natural climate of a place. Therefore, climates do change as a result of quite a number of factors.

Changes in climate can either be good or bad. There can be a positive climatic change and a negative one. When humans clear vegetation through deforestation activities, the climate of that region will be negatively affected. On the contrary, a forestation activities, which ideally involve the planting of trees affects climate positively. Therefore, here is a list of five major causes of both positive and negative climate change.

  1. Deforestation –felling of trees in water catchment areas
  2. Farming
  3. Charcoal burning
  4. Industrialization – emission of greenhouse gases
  5. Forestation – planting of new trees especially in areas without trees

Climates can change positively primarily through the planting of trees. This causes a microclimate that is usually different from the larger surrounding areas. Human beings have done a great work in some regions by engaging in this practice. While some of these human activities are inevitable, it is important to ensure that they are controlled. Control can be exercised by creating artificial forests in places where trees have been cut or where they have never existed before.

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