A Relevant Example Of Research Paper About Cyberbullying

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Studying forms of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a term used to refer to a type of bullying that happens through electronic media. This type of bullying started with the advent of technology and internet. There has been an increased emergence of new technology and equipment that human beings have used to molest others for different reasons. Today, cyber bullying can happen through tablets, computers and cell phones. Ideally, it has happened in various places such as social media platforms, online chats, websites and text messages.

This is a social vice that has been backed up by technology and it has become rampant since the inception of internet and other electronic equipment. It has gone to great heights and today, it has even become a major issue to companies and other institutions in the society. Culprits have been using mean emails and text messages to terrorize their chosen targets. This kind of bullying content may include rumors that could either be emailed or posted on networking sites online.

Other types of cyberbullying are embarrassing videos, pictures and fake profiles. The intention of cyber bullies has always been to hurt their targets. In one way or another, the targeted person may incur a loss. The common loss incurred by those affected by cyberbullying is a loss of money. People have been lured to share their personal identification details hence losing a lot of money to people who they thought were on a good course to help them.

Newbies in the internet and the use of technology have been mostly affected. Criminals have taken advantage of their ignorance and they have fallen prey to their tricks. Some people often fall prey to these because of hard economic challenges. They are easily cheated because they are desperate to make ends meet.

Above is a sample paper that you could use to develop a topic on cyberbullying. There is a lot to write about beginning from the time when this vice began. Over the years, the evil has continued to take different forms that can be analyzed against the initial ways in which it was conducted. Talk to experts for more guidance.